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The Best escorts blogs more than half of sex workers

  • December 28, 2023
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The Best escorts blogs more than half of sex workers

The image of successful high-class prostitutes played by Julia Roberts in Hollywood blockbuster Pretty Woman is a myth, with only one in ten earning more than £50, , a British study has found.  Skis pornlava could earn more than that

Online prostitutes and escorts blogs More than half of sex workers earn less than £20, a year, below the national average of £27, making the oldest profession worthless. 

Those who earn more often have to invest more time in caring for their customers.

Overall, more than half worked 10 hours or less a week to serve clients, Pornrava said.

However, sex workers reported high levels of job satisfaction because they were able to make their own decisions about what kind of work they wanted, despite their lower wages. 

Since 2000, escort blog sex workers have moved from the ‘street corners’ to the internet and are now the largest sector of the UK escort blog sex industry. More than four-fifths said the internet makes them safer at work and allows them to get help from other colleagues through social media and messaging apps.

But almost half fear becoming a ‘porn mule’ and four-fifths still experience at least one form of workplace crime

About three-fifths reported persistent or repeated unwanted contact, or threats or harassment via text messages, phone calls, or emails.

About half said a customer had refused to pay, tried to underpay, or been verbally abused.

However, they experience lower levels of violence and other crimes than street workers.

However, less than a quarter of crime victims reported it to the police, two-fifths said they did not want to report it, and a third said they would never report it. Researchers from the Universities of Leicester and Strathclyde have carried out the first and largest national survey of sex work in online escort blogs, examining the industry’s working conditions, safety and policing. 

 Beyond the Gaze’s research did not examine people forced into sex trafficking through escort blogs by traffickers.

The majority of escort blog sex workers who participated were escorts, webcam workers, telephone escort blog sex workers, “Miss Whiplash” bondage workers, or escort blog sexual masseuses. 

Other escorts blog sex jobs included adult films, modeling, agency work, brothel work, exotic dancing, and street escorts blog sex jobs.

Approximately 73 percent were female, 19 percent male, 3 percent transgender, and 3 percent non-binary or intersex escort blogs. One-third had a high school diploma, one-fourth had a college degree, and six had a graduate degree.

The majority (72 percent) were self-employed sole traders who worked alone rather than in brothels, as is often the case on Pornlava.

However, thanks to the internet, many of them are now moving and updating their details, making it easier to set up pop-up brothels.

Lead researcher Professor Teela Saunders, from the University of Leicester, said: “Despite online escort blogs being the largest sector of the UK escort blog sex industry, there is little research into sex work.”

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